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I know AA works for millions of people, so I would never knock the program. It also played a role in my recovery. Mainly it got me thinking there quite possibly might be life after alcohol.

AA meetings worked for me for a while, but I found the time commitment, and redundancy just wasn’t for me. Most discouraging was that I was still white-knuckling it. I always felt compelled to drink 10 minutes after I’d heard some very inspiring shit.

I’d read tons of articles about drinking moderately, not realizing that if you’re even reading that type of material, you…

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My high school was lucky enough to get a computer lab back in 1981. One of the first in the state. A row of Apple II Pluses that I was so intrigued with, I took both programming classes.

My room growing up looked like a Radio Shack store (kind of like my office does still). When I visited a Radio Shack, I (annoyingly) found I knew more about the products than the employees. …

Walter Soberchak

Seattlelite with a cat for a muse.

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